Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple Ipod (5th Gen) Pink

Apple® - iPod touch® 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation - Latest Model) - Pink. RV $299.99. This will be a hot item for Christmas. They are taking pre orders right now and expect to be out this month. Giveaway will run Nov. 1 - Nov. 21. Winner will be chosen on Thanksgiving.

First link choice is free, with announcement post. (it doesn't have to be long, just short and sweet) Facebook or Twitter. Extra Links are $2.00 each. This is going to be a huge event. Pink items are always the first to sell out. Send payment to as a gift.

Host pages are $10.00 and Co Host spots are $25.00 Co Host spot includes link back to your blog, 5 links and a host page.

Blogger Referral Prize: The blogger who refers the most signups will get a co host spot.

Have you joined the Facebook group HERE? It's not mandatory but in case you need some info.

Sign up HERE!


Jessica Cassidy said...

Thank you for sharing this Momi JheyLO :-) do appreciate it :- I also sign up to help me gain some Twitter followers :-)

SassyChick said...

I have the 4th Gen. I wonder what's the improvement with the new one.This sounds like a great prize to win.

Adin B said...

That is one pretty phone mommy. Gusto ko mo enter sa giveaway, but I would probably pass una sa signing up. :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! An Ipod, thanks for sharing this mommy!! will join soon!

Rcel said...

sounds like a perfect giveaway for high tech gadget fanatics! :))