Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Save a Pound

I have a desktop computer that is about four or five years old and i have been thinking about replacing it because its been giving me headaches lately like this afternoon i tried to load some software for my HP printer and it loaded fine but when i went to use the printer software i double click on the icon on the desktop and it would not open up. I have tried loading this printer software four different times with the same results every time.

I have contacted hp support to try to fix the problem but have had no success. I've run into this problem before and i had to format my hard drive last time to solve the problem. Anyways there's this comparison website that i found that will be a great help to me because i plan on buying another desktop computer.

I don't want to waste a lot of time traveling all over town to find the best price so i will use this Save A Pound website to compare prices and save a bundle on a new desktop computer. They're constantly updating their stores every week to give you the best bargain for your money. How convenient this website is and that i can just shop for the best price while at home and save a pound or two.

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