Friday, August 22, 2008

Have you tried Salmon Grillade yet?

Have you heard about Great American Seafood cook off? If not then you should check it out you might want to join their cook off competition if you got what it takes. If you have some recipes that you would want the public to taste it might as well join cook off, who knows you will be the winner. I was told to pick a recipe from the five seafood recipes available at the website. Anyways, my favorite seafood recipe for today is sockeye salmon grillade. The recipe is from Alaska and the chef who prepares this fine feast is none other than Robert Kinneen from Alaska. He's been a professional chef cooking in restaurants for 15 years .Why did i choose salmon? Because i love fresh fish and i especially love sockeye salmon. Its so healthy for you too. Another thing i like about this recipe is the sausage with red eye gravy. I'm a sausage lover and i cant get enough of it with savory gravy. A compliment to this dish is the Hoppin John prepared with black eyed peas, Worcestershire sauce, Roma tomatoes and scallion which is another one of my favorites. In the red eye gravy i would like to modify this recipe by using chipotle Tabasco sauce rather than just the regular kind. I'm definitely going to try to make this recipe for my wife and i because we both love to eat salmon and its rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your health. We get our salmon fresh from a friend who works in Alaska and has it shipped by freezer truck right to her house. She usually just gives it to us still frozen. I recommend you get your fish from a major food market chain because its really guaranteed to be the freshest. I invite my friendly bloggers to come check out this recipe at as well as the other recipes and vote for your favorite seafood recipe with the chance to win a trip to New Orleans prize package.

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