Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family night out with chiinese food

Today when i got home from work my wife told me she was going to take us out to dinner for Chinese food and the dinner is on her. Who Hoo! I got a little break from the kitchen and cooking tonight. That's a relief because i thought we were going to have fish tonight and i was looking for some recipe for red snapper fillet. I went online to the famous "food network" but everything they have requires a lot of work. Geez, its a good thing we went out for dinner because i don't think i was ready to tackle a dish like this tonight. The Chinese restaurant that we went to though wasn't as good as i expected from the recommendations i received from some coworkers. We usually go to a Chinese buffet in national city and this one here is in chula vista close to my work. I told my wife that's the last time we will go there. The food taste like they use a lot of MSG, Salt, and Soy sauce and there's many Hispanic people hang out there.

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Bola said...

Most chinese resturants do not always deliver quality foods.Some are run on tight budget,they cannot afford to hire qualified chefs to cook.Here, i don't even go there unless i taste the food somewhere first and i had concluded all on my own that the food is great before i venture out there with my whole family.Same goes for other resturants too, not only chinese.

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