Monday, November 17, 2008

Michael jackson in trouble again

Have you heard the news about michael jackson? Well, looks like he's got more trouble. He's being sued by this Bahrainian sheik who gave him millions to help him out and from what the news is saying, michael jackson was supposed to pay it back because it was supposedly a loan for a bussiness deal but he didn't pay the shiek back. As if he doesn't have enough problems, now he has to dig himself into a deeper hole! Geez! You would think he would be smart and just stay low and keep himself out of trouble since he's in desperate need of money and a new album wouldn't hurt either but nope. This story sounds just like another one we've all heard of. Does the name O.J. Simpson sound familiar to you? These two celebrities seem to attract trouble wherever they go. If i had the kind of money these famous people had i certainly wouldn't have followed the paths they took. Oh well, reminds me of that famous saying about money: easy come, easy go!

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