Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Noisy neighbors

Last weekend i finally had to put my foot down about our next door neighbors. I ended up calling the sheriffs department to complain about excessive noise coming from the house behind our apartment. I didn't want to but they left me no choice. They're always partying on the weekend and they have loud music and singing. I spoke to 2 tenant's in our apartment building concerning the noise problem and they both agreed with me that something needs to be done so i called the sheriffs dept last weekend. It was getting hard for my wife and i to sleep at night. After 10pm i think most people should be in the house relaxing and getting ready for a new day but these people didn't believe in sleep. Since that time i called the sheriff there's been no more complaints of load noise. Finally, i can sleep now.

1 comment:

scatteredbrain said...

Those people have no sense of respect.