Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New search engine

I visited the leapfish website to help me find a movie that was on TV last week but i didn't know the name of the movie. I've tried searching by the name of the actors who played in the movie but i only know the name of one actor which is Alec Baldwin. I've been going crazy trying to find the name of this movie so i can rent the movie at home and watch it. The real time web search was nice but I'm still having some difficulty finding the movie name since i don't know it. The search results were good as it gave me a lot of things about Alec Baldwin movies, filmography, awards, photos and interviews about Alec Baldwin as well as a biography website but i still can't find the movie. The real time web search offered up a lot of information concerning recent bloggings about Alec Baldwin as well as other information that was very useful in helping me find the movie I'm looking for. I also liked how i can seamlessly integrate leapfish with my facebook account and it allows me to do so much stuff. So my search goes on for the mystery movie that was showing on TV Saturday November 7th around 10:30am about a 9 yr old boy with autism who cracks a top secret government computer code with a simple word puzzle book. Alec Baldwin was in the movie and a friend of mine says Bruce Willis was in it too but i could only watch about 20 minutes of the movie since i was at work so it doesn't help my search capabilities much does it? Well, i like the leapfish search engine and will use it more often.


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