Sunday, November 8, 2009

New security measures at work

Today i went to work and found that our company had positioned a new security booth on the entrance right as you enter the company premises. I asked a co-worker why would the company all of a sudden want to install a security booth and he said that some one from MTS came in to our company unchallenged and took a city bus out for 2 hours without anyone from my company unaware then brought the bus back. They did this on 2 different occasions during a weekend about 2-3 weeks ago. That was enough to get the attention of upper management in our company and MTS which owns the buses. By next month every employee will have a new I.D. and be required to show it upon entering the property. The reason they did this was to show that someone could enter the property with the intent to do great bodily harm like planting an explosive device or something. I'm hoping this security will help protect us from sick people out there. What do you think? Your opinion would be appreciated.

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Jude said...

That's scary and I think it's a great idea.