Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girls Next Door

Guest post written by Kim Knoxs

One of the best reality shows on television is called "Girls Next Door." I am addicted to this reality show, because it depicts the lives of three playmates living at Hef's Playboy mansion. I think it is an amazing show and always try to watch it on my direct tv hd receiver. Why is this show so fascinating? Well, first it is just interesting to see the pure luxury that comes along with living in a place like the Playboy mansion. There are servants willing to help the Playmates for just about anything! In addition, it is cool to watch the staff be on hand and available to the girls 24/7. There are always awesome events being hosted at the Playboy mansion too. Each Playmate is usually responsible for throwing one or two events of her own throughout the season of "Girls Next Door." One fun episode featured Kendra throwing her event, which was a baseball game complete with hot dog vendors and cotton candy machines. Another fun episode features a rolling skating event, where a set of twins decided to throw this fun event. It seems like some of the Playmates are genuine people too and actually care about Hef, which is also nice to see.

I love watching the show Girls Next Door and recommend it for anyone with an interest in the life of high profile celebs getting to live at the mansion!

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