Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sanyo 52" LCD TV or Toshiba 55" LCD TV

My wife and I are planning on buying a LCD TV next year once we get our tax return but there's so many models to choose from and so many available features, we are confused on which one to buy. We went to walmart to look at some TV's and finally settled on a sanyo after many trips to walmart. When I got home, I was curious about what other people, who had bought a sanyo thought about their new TV so I checked out the reviews of 29 people and I was surprised to see that the 52" sanyo model # DP52440 had many complaints about the sound being out of sync with the video. I noticed there were lots of complaints also about it not being a good TV for playing video games. One comment from a man who sells these TV's said that he sells this product and its one of the most competitive products for features and price. You can check out all the reviews of this LCD TV at the store website. I'm glad I did my homework because my wife and I decided against buying this TV for these reasons. I went to the Best Buy website and found a 55" Toshiba model # 55HT1U TV for 1 dollar more and 3 inches bigger. I read the reviews and I only found 1 complaint. The bad thing is you can't connect to the internet with this TV but that's OK. I hope those who are looking for a good TV will find this article useful.


poray said...

we have a toshiba and we hook it up with one of our computers to watch movies or when our son wants to play online games (he likes the big screen)...

Jerry Gene said...

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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