Tuesday, February 22, 2011

California dream vacation

My wife and the kids just got back from a week vacation in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We had a lot of fun driving up north. We took the 101 freeway all the way up to San Francisco passing thru many cities along the way including Santa Cruz. The houses up north are so beautiful and worth every penny. My wife and I have been dreaming of owning our own home but we don't have any knowledge about real estate or buying a home. Even if we did know something about real estate, finding the best value for your money is difficult. There are many newspapers with listings of real estate but that can be time consuming reading thru each and every one and it's alot of effort. You really need to know your stuff when and read between the lines and identify which listings are not worth your attention.

For those of you who don't know, Santa Cruz is located is located on Monterrey bay and it is a prime location for a vacation. There are many things to do in Santa Cruz but as we were passing by, we had to stop and check out some of the homes for sale. We didn't find anything in our price range but we got some prospects that we will keep in mind. We'll talk to some professional real estate agency We had to stop and check out the biggest marine aquarium in California on monterey bay. We really enjoyed all the sights and scenic views of northern California. It's the best place to live.

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