Monday, July 18, 2011

British teenager bikes on water for good cause

Have you heard the lastest news to hit the web about a british teenager who bikes on water for charity to help flood victims in Londons lake district by riding his bike on a lake 75 feet deep? Matt Whitehurst, 16, insists the pictures are real but he has said he will not disclose how he mangaed to pull off the trick with his bicycle perched atop the waters of England's Lake Buttermere. He pulled off the trick to raise awareness for an upcoming cycling event that will raise money to build bridges destroyed in the 2009 flooding. The 16 year old was quoted as saying " I can't and won't say how I did it, but plenty of people saw me and they"ll confirm it wasn't a camera trick" I'm sure there was some kind of platform propping the 16 year old up on his bike.

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Mee2 said...

Hmmm. I'd have to call B.S. on this one too. I do love the picture though, and it is a great cause he is supporting.