Friday, July 8, 2011

I hate bad service at fast food restaurants

Align CenterWhat I mean by this is that my wife was having a craving for some Mc Donalds french fries so along the way home, I stopped into a Mc Donalds restaurant tonight to get a quick order of fries. After getting back on the road, my wife was eating the fries and I asked her if she could hand me some napkins from the bag but when she reached in to give me some, there was none to be found. I cried out " GEEZ" ! I paid $ 3.00 dollars and don't even get napkins? I hate that. Who doesn't need a napkin in the car once in a while? Well, I did. So we're on our way home and I have a craving for onion rings so I want to stop and get some onion rings at carls jr, so pull in and order some onion rings, pull up to the window and pay, and as I'm pulling out I said to my wife, "hey, it doesn't feel like there's many onion rings in this bag"I had eaten 3 already and my wife ate 2. She says, honie, there's one more onion ring left. I said, WHAT? You mean I just paid $3.29 for 6 onion rings? That's crazy! I hate it! I guess we really got ripped off for our money tonight. I told my that from now on, I'll be checking my orders for accuracy more often after tonight's ordeal. I mean I paid $3 dollars at walmart and got more for my money than I did tonight. Of course I'm not expecting a full bag of onion rings but geez! At least give me something worth my money.

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