Monday, December 12, 2011

Fresh fried filipino lumpia

Yesterday my wife and I had to make 100 lumpia for one of our friends who takes care of our lawn in our apartment complex. Filipino lumpia is a mix of ground pork, ground beef, chopped jicama, chopped garlic, chopped onion, chopped carrots, 1-2 eggs and salt and pepper to taste all combined and rolled in a fresh lumpia wrapper and sealed with egg white, then fried in oil. I hadn't made in it in about a year. The last time my wife and I did this we ended up making 300 fried lumpia. It's a big job. Our friend had a party up in temecula so he requested us to make them and he paid us some money to make them. My wife posted a picture of them on Facebook and before you know it, her friends were all commenting how yummy they looked. She even had one friend drive all the way from her house in San Diego just to get some from us because she was craving for lumpia. My sister commented so today I will cook some more and bring them to her. My wife's friend wanted us to make her 100 lumpia also for this Saturday so looks like I'll be busy.

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