Saturday, December 10, 2011

Latest find

The nice thing with working online is that I'm exposed and updated to a range of different topics and the latest news out there. I'm grateful because everyday I get to learn new things through the pages I visit, articles I read, and people I meet. For instance, whenever I feel like reading something scientific, I will just visit SciTechDaily because it is a website that tackles everything about science and technology news, gadgets and innovation. Right now, I am checking this particular news about Greenland's accelerated ice lost, resulting to extra sea level rise. I wonder if it has a connection to the colder weather we're experiencing right now? Well it pays to have a brain exercise once in a while and a good way to do it is through reading. Good thing there are web pages that serves like a virtual magazine where we can find good articles and other interesting stuff. Aside to the news they provide, they also offer discount coupons like Expedia coupons and Travelocity coupons. It's for those planning their vacation and getaway; there are great deals available for your next trip. Anyway, might as well keep this link saved in my favorites. It can be helpful not just for me but for the kids as well, at school or science projects perhaps.

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