Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shopping for PJ's

My wife bought a few pairs of boys pajamas & sleepwear the other day. When I saw my son wearing his almost outgrown pajamas I felt bad. I asked my wife if she can go shopping for sleepwear for our children, which she did. My wife loves shopping; I don’t find it so hard to ask her to go shopping because that’s her weaknesses. My wife takes care of our budget, so she knows when to stop shopping. The photo above is my son and he is wearing one of the pajamas that my wife bought a few days ago. It’s printed with penguins and my son loves it.

My wife has a favorite clothing store and that’s where she buys our clothes. This store sells all kinds of stuff, from newborn’s clothing, toys and accessories to adult’s clothes and even home decors they have too. I’m so glad that my wife found this store because everything she goes shopping for clothes, she was able to save a lot of money. I bet this store has pajamas similar to the Tea collection pajamas. I like Tea collections pajamas because they’re 100% cotton and it’s got extra-long top that covers my son’s belly when sleeping at night. You know how kids are when they sleep. Its freezing but they don’t care if their tummies are showing and cold.

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