Friday, March 16, 2012

Boeing 787 DreamLiner's first flight

This morning while listening to the local news, I got word that the new and much anticipated debut of the Boeing 787 dreamliner was going to stop into San Diego's Lindbergh Field as it completes its around the world tour. It will stop in San Diego to show off it's wings and welcome local Goodrich Corp and Hamilton Sundstrand Employees who helped build the next-generation plane. But the viewing of this beautiful aircraft will not be made available to the public. I wanted to go downtown to watch it come into San Diego but since I have kids that need to be taken to school, and watched at home, I wasn't able to make it. I posted this video of the 787 dreamliners first flight which even though I'm not there, it's still a sight to see. It took off from Boeings Paine field Airport for a 5 hour flight test.

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