Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our second child was a girl

Last month my wife and I received some baby shower invitations from a close friend of ours in our congregation. They were going to have a baby girl. We gave them baby blankets. My wife and I know all about having baby girl's because our first child was a baby boy and we were praying for a baby girl the second time and that's what we had. As a parent, I know that having a baby shower is one of the most wonderful things a parent can have in his/her life. It's the celebration of your baby's coming into this world. Before we had our daughter, we wanted to tell everyone that we were going to have a baby girl so we told everyone in our congregation but it wasn't enough. We didn't have a lot of money so we had a friend of ours design some professional baby shower invitations to send out to our other friends. We learned a lot about different kinds of baby shower invitations.

At first we thought about making our own baby shower invitations to save money but since we
don't have a printing press, it soon became clear that we were going to need some help. Baby shower invitations can include all kinds of information about the time, date, place such as the address and location of the party, and even the phone number in case you get lost heading towards the party. We included the gender of our baby on the invitation as well so that it makes it easier for the guest to get something specific based on the gender of the baby. Invitations could also include a theme based writing on the card so the guest can have a good idea what the party will be based on. They could also include pictures of balloons, pictures of a baby in a crib, teddy bears, baby bottles, or pacifiers just to name a few. The variations of the perfect baby shower invitation for your baby shower are endless only to your imagination for you to decide.

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