Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage cars

I saw one the other day while strolling around the neighborhood. I really find vintage cars to be classy and appealing. No wonder they are now considered as Cars on Demand and more and more car enthusiast prefer them than modern ones. But why? Accordingly, those people who love vintage cars have the passion for collecting excellent finds. Just like jewelry collectors, potteries, gold coins, to more novelty items like stamps and books, vintage cars are viewed as something of greater value and a rare find. But we all know how expensive those kinds of vehicles are, so we just leave them to the reach and famous I guess.

On a second note, living in a country where owning a car is as important as buying groceries, we can be thankful that there are car companies that still gives away competitive deals and practical offers. Some offers short term contract, with 1-12 months lease. Regardless if we have a vintage car or those simpler ones, we need to be a responsible car owner.

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