Thursday, March 28, 2013

Son playing in west-field shopping center playground

After field service, I took the family to West-field Shopping Center on “H” street and Broadway to do some much needed clothes shopping. While my wife went into Victoria's Secret to get her free gift, I took the kids to the new playground at the shopping center. It’s all been newly remodeled and has figurines just like the playground at Plaza Bonita so that the kids can climb on and slide. They had a lot of fun. There’s also an area where the kids can ride on toy cars, trains and planes but you have to pay for the ride. Here’s a picture of my son doing what he loves to do. PLAY………I wish I was a kid again and not have to have a care in the world but just be a kid.


Anonymous said...

That was nice for kids to have a new remodeled playground to play with. I always have my husband do the same since I also unlikely to bring kids with me especially if I'm in a hurry.

Adin B said...

There is a mall about 30 minutes away from where we live and they also have a larger playground to where kids can play and the parents can go have a bite to eat while watching the kids. And they have one huge fish tank as well. Gotta gets the kids moving and entertained.

Shydub said...

Your lil guy looks like a a lil man with his suit and tie jhey, i like it. akong anak wala mn kasuway ug wear something formal like this, naliwat sa amahan nga dili hilig. He sure had a blast playing.